Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Just finished a fantastic run of Joseph in Fort Myers, Florida at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre!  Very happy to have worked with such a wonderful company and in the presence of so many talented actors.  The run was 9 weeks and we played to very enthusiastic crowds all summer long.  I played Reuben, which in our production sang Canaan Days.  We even had a TV Spot! Thank you to all involved for such a incredible way to spend the summer.

Les Misérables

I’m playing Joly in The North Carolina Theatre’s production of Les Miz! Great to be returning to the show. Incredible cast and production to be a part of. Production opens February 11 and runs through the 22nd. Visit for more details.

Side by Side by Sondheim

Side by Side by Sondheim is a wonderfully entertaining revue of Stephen Sondheim’s work before 1976.  The show has no real story, but instead explores the many themes Sondheim’s work focused around.  It features songs from Anyone Can Whistle, A Little Night Music, Follies, Company and Forum, just to name a few.

This production opened June 28th and ran most weekends through August 3rd at Haywood Arts Regional Theatre in Waynesville, NC.  I was hired as the guest artist for the summer season, and had a wonderful time performing in both this show and Brigadoon.  The show received a good review in the local paper.  Directed by Steve Lloyd and Cord Scott, Music Directed and Accompanied by Dr. Brad Martin.

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"Everybody Says Don't"  - Side by Side by Sondheim

“Everybody Says Don’t” – Side by Side by Sondheim

"Barcelona"  - Side by Side by Sondheim

“Barcelona” – Side by Side by Sondheim

Judy: A Tribute

Just returned from Dublin, Ireland, where I was part of a small but talented group of guys performing a Judy Garland review called Judy: A Tribute in The International Gay Theatre Festival. The show was written and directed by Alejandro Ullua, choreographed by Gustavo Wons and produced by Juan Chemes in NYC.Trolly Song

You Made Me Love You

A Rockin’ Music Box Christmas

Just started rehearsals for this Pop/Rock Christmas Revue at Hersheypark! Most of the cast is returning from last year but 4 of us are new.  A few days into rehearsals and the show is already well on its way thanks to this awesome group of performers I’m proud to be a part of.

We open November 16th and run through December 31st.  See the Hersheypark website for open times.  Come out and see it’s gonna be a great show.  I’ll be posting pics when we get closer to opening on my Facebook page.
"Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" - A Rockin' Music Box Christmas

“Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” – A Rockin’ Music Box Christmas

Legally Blonde

I’ll be playing Carlos and Sundeep Padamadan in The North Carolina Theatre’s production of Legally Blonde directed by Denis Jones! I’m writing this during some off time in tech rehearsals.  The show is going to kick ass! The cast is phenomenal and really does an outstanding job.  It’s so great to be back at NCT doing another show (the theatre I grew up in).  The run is from Tuesday October 9 to Sunday October 14! If you’re in and around Raleigh come and see! for details!

legally blonde

Sundeep Padamadan - Legally Blonde

Sundeep Padamadan – Legally Blonde

Rock the Jukebox

30 minutes of high intensity dancing and singing at the Chevrolet Music Box Theatre in Hersheypark, Hershey, PA.  The show features music from the 50’s to the 90’s.  I sing Great Balls of Fire, Open Arms, You Should Be Dancing, I’ll Be There, Sweet Child O’ Mine, and more!  Video is on YouTube!



"I'll Be There" - Rock The Jukebox

“I’ll Be There” – Rock The Jukebox

"Great Balls of Fire" - Rock the Jukebox

“Great Balls of Fire” – Rock the Jukebox

"Sweet Child O' Mine" - Rock the Jukebox

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” – Rock the Jukebox



Getting ready for a huge audition this weekend in Memphis, TN!  I’ll be auditioning for 80+ theatre companies looking for fresh out of college actors!  I hope all my pain and suffering (and joy thrown in there) over the last few years will pay off 🙂

Dance 2012

Just finished Dance 2012 last night, Tuesday, January 31!  Excellent run! It was so much fun to work with everyone and be accepted into the dance community so wonderfully!  Thank you to Miss Clarine for all her love and hard work, and to the coolest cast ever for putting on an awesome number every night and for not making fun of my mustache too much…

"Cuban Press" - Dance 2012

“Cuban Press” – Dance 2012


College production of Oklahoma! I played Ali Hakim! Just found a nice picture in the production archives I wanted to post!

Ali Hakim - Oklahoma

Ali Hakim – Oklahoma

"It's A Scandal! It's A Outrage!" - Ali Hakim - Oklahoma

“It’s A Scandal! It’s A Outrage!” – Ali Hakim – Oklahoma